News Corp Australia's 1 Degree - July 2017

"Our business was founded as a response to waste, in an effort to reduce the large amount of bike parts we saw going to landfill. We take bike parts that would otherwise end up as trash and turn them into our unique designs. At Tread & Pedals we are strong believers in supporting ethical and eco-friendly products, and practice reduce, re-use and re-purpose, then recycle in every aspect of our business and in our daily lives."

Tread & Pedals - Gifts for Cyclists - Sustainable Designs

The Weekly Review - May 2017

"Add a touch of boho to your look with these adorable feather earrings. They mimic the light and floaty texture of a real feather, but they were upcycled from old bike tubes. Yes, you heard right – Tread & Pedals sells a range of cruelty free accessories made from pre-loved bikes. No birds harmed!"


Australian Wandarrah Blog - April 2017

"featuring Emma and Ivan from Tread and Pedals. Let's find out about how they came to reuse bike parts that would otherwise be discarded to make beautiful and functional items, childhood memories of bike riding and their favourite parts of running a hand made business."


PERIOD IDEAS (UK) - March 2017

 Buyers Guide: Clocks Worth Watching

 "This Chainring clock from Tread & Pedals is the ideal accessory for an industrial chic home."


 ETSY Success - February 2017 


County Wedding Magazines - February 2017

"Treat the man in your life to these quirky bike chain cufflinks. He'll love them on the wedding morning and they'll add a real statement to his big-day ensemble!"


Ride On Magazine - December 2016

"The clever team at Tread and Pedals have been upcycling old bike parts for years, giving a second life to countless chains, cogs, tubes and tyres with their jewellery and cufflinks. These lovely, light-weight earrings, sculpted from old bicycle tubes, are a way to show off your love of all things bike."

vegan-jewelry.-peacock-feather-earrings.-tread-and-pedals.jpg - September 2016

 " way to stand out from the crowd with the cute little beer holder made from 100% recycled bicycle tyre. (Note this little shop also sells bottle openers made of bike parts too.)"



 "We started Tread & Pedals out of a a desire to reduce the amount of bike parts headed for landfill, to find them an alternate use and give them a fresh new lease on life. Ivan’s background in engineering and my (Em) background in the arts; combined with our shared passion for bicycles, sustainability and design, lead to the evolution of our brand and diverse product range... We feel incredibly indulged being able to wake each day and make a living doing something that we love (corny I know, but true)."


NERDY MAMMA - June 2016

30 Beer Gifts for Brewmaster Dudes

"Bicycle Tire Beer Coozie - Um, because it's awesome. And smells like rubber, which is all many and stuff... really."


Bits of Australia - June 2016
"Using recycled, salvaged and broken bicycle parts, Tread & Pedals have created an innovative range of jewellery, homewares and accessories including clocks, earrings, cufflinks and key chains. Taking something like a punctured bike inner tube, cog or a wonky wheel and turning it into something quirky and new is what drives this creative duo who are unsurprisingly, also big bike enthusiasts."

Bike Chain Cufflinks - Tread and Pedals Gifts for Cyclists


"Comedor con texturas - Dining room with textures brightness, contrast of colors and various materials are essential to stimulate the senses"




"Handcrafted from 100 percent recycled bicycle tires, this drink holder makes the perfect birthday gift for cyclists and beer lovers alike."

BORED PANDA Espanol - May 2016

20 Ideas Para Regalar A Cualquier Fanático De La Bicicleta

"Ya seas ciclista aficionado o alguien que vive sobre dos ruedas con unas piernas como las de un dios griego, estas ideas para regalar llenarán de alegría a cualquier amante de las bicicletas. La primavera ha llegado (al hemisferio norte al menos) y es el Mes Nacional de la Bici, así que ya toca quitarle el polvo y ponerla a punto antes de salir a la carretera con ella.

Aunque algunos de estos regalos son adornos sin mas o cosas para la casa, otros son 100% prácticos para cualquier ciclista: elementos reflectantes, luces y candados de diseño que vienen genial para hacer tu bici más segura o más cómoda."


 HOME STYLE FILE - March 2016

"Probably one the most forgotten and overlooked pieces of functional art are clocks...Here are (some) of my latest favourites from the land of vintage and handmade innovation – Etsy!"handmade-vintage-clocks-incl.-tread-pedals-bike-wheel-clock-and-bike-gear-desk-clock.jpg

POLKA DOT BRIDE - January 2016

Groomsmen’s Gifts For The Kitchen Connoisseur

"...if your friend is a keen cyclist and a man of the kitchen you can’t go wrong with this one."


BIKE RUMOR - December 2015

"I would be very pleased if I got myself some swanky bling from Tread and Pedals. Upcycling all kinds of different bike components and drivetrain parts, Tread and Pedals turns those old bits and pieces into functional works of art that you can either wear as jewellery or have around the home. I especially dig the cufflinks, though the chainring-clocks and tyre-stubby holders (coozie for our American buddies!) are absolute winners at Christmas time." 


"Accessories label Tread & Pedals was founded by Em and Ivan, after they discovered the ridiculous amount of bicycle parts that ended up in landfill.  They saw the potential in the parts, and started to look for ways they could be reinvented.  When you see the amazing variety and innovation in their collection of products, it’s almost hard to believe that the parts actually began as bikes!"

Bike Chain Cufflinks by Tread & Pedals - Finders Keepers Featured Product

RIDE ON - December 2015

 "There’s no reason you can’t wear your passion on your sleeve with these elegant cuff links from Melbourne sustainable design studio Tread & Pedals. There are a range of options available, including some blingy gold KMC chain cuff links, but for sheer sophistication it’s difficult to go past the Campagnolo Record variety."gifts-for-cyclists-ride-on-magazine-christmas-gift-guide.png


Gifts for Him


FASHION JOURNAL - December 2015

 Christmas Gift Guide - Tread & Pedals Bike Chain Cufflinks 


URBAN LIST - November 2015

Top 10 Things To Do In Melbourne This November

"...we're stoked that Etsy is bringing it's pop-up Market, The Etsy Made Local Market, to Rupert on Rupert on Sat 28th November. As for our top picks, we love Tread and Pedals, who will be showcasing their awesome recycled bicycle accessories..."

ETSY MELBOURNE - November 2015

we’re stoked that Etsy is bringing its pop-up market, the Etsy Made Local Market, to Rupert on Rupert on Saturday 28 November. As for our top picks, we love Tread and Pedals, who will be showcasing their awesome recycled bicycle accessories, and Mountain Clay, who makes some of the most beautiful ceramics around. - See more at:
we’re stoked that Etsy is bringing its pop-up market, the Etsy Made Local Market, to Rupert on Rupert on Saturday 28 November. As for our top picks, we love Tread and Pedals, who will be showcasing their awesome recycled bicycle accessories, and Mountain Clay, who makes some of the most beautiful ceramics around. - See more at:
we’re stoked that Etsy is bringing its pop-up market, the Etsy Made Local Market, to Rupert on Rupert on Saturday 28 November. As for our top picks, we love Tread and Pedals, who will be showcasing their awesome recycled bicycle accessories, and Mountain Clay, who makes some of the most beautiful ceramics around. - See more at:

Blue Radish - December 2015

"As you might guess from the name of their shop, Emma & Ivan create their clocks, jewellery and accessories from bike parts – perfect for the cyclist in the family."


Treadlie - December 2015

"...Tread and Pedals will be there with handcrafted sustainable wares for him, her and home using upcycled bicycle parts. You’ll find them and their products, as diverse as highly polished bicycle chain cufflinks to delicately crafted inner tube jewellery and statement bicycle wheel clocks"


"Em and Ivan, the clever Melbourne pair behind Tread & Pedals, are giving old bicycle parts stylish second lives. They repurpose everything from cogs and chains to wheel spokes and inner tubes, using hand tools to transform the into items such as cufflinks, clocks, jewellery, keyrings and belts that are perfect for the keen cyclist in your life. Inspired by contemporary design, nature and their shared love of bicycles Em and Ivan are pedaling unique wares indeed. Get on your bike."


COLLECTIVELY - November 2015

"If you’re like me and a lot of other young renters out there, your bike lives inside your teeny flat, since you don’t have a lovely garage or cute little shed to put it in. But why not take that one step further and stick your two wheels onto the wall…? Okay, don’t actually, but let Tread And Pedals do it for you with their ship-shape clocks make from upcycled bicycle cogs and wheels. The Aussie duo also make cufflinks should you have a wedding on the cards, jewellery for Chrimbo dos and so-called stocking stuffers for the notoriously difficult to buy for (hello, star-shaped cycle chain ornament)."


POLKA DOT BRIDE - October 2015

Groomsman's Gifts For The Well Dressed Man 

" may want your groomsmen to have a memento to actually wear on your special day. Tread and Pedals have created these super bicycle chain cufflinks – now what cyclist wouldn’t love these!"


PERIOD IDEAS (UK) - October 2015

"As the clocks go back an hour on Sunday 25th October, enjoy that extra hour in bed and remind yourself of the time with one of our picks of 12 of the best clocks."


ETSY Made Local - October 2015
"...the thing that makes our store truly unique is that all products are handcrafted by Ivan and myself from bicycle parts that would otherwise end up thrown curbside."


THE NATIONAL (UAE) - October 2015

The Hot List - Fashionably on Time

"Metallic finishes, abstract illustrations, or simply a repurposed bicycle wheel – add character to your walls with these bold clocks."

 Gipsy Ninja - October 2015

"These are 30 incredibly cool bicycle gift ideas. Can you handle them? (pun intended) If you were searching for some pretty wicked bicycle/bike related gift ideas, you came to the right place because what you’ll find here will make any cyclist happy to be your friend."

  KEBLOG - August 2015

"Che siate degli amanti della bicicletta occasionali o dei fanatici delle due ruote a pedali, queste idee regalo riempiranno ogni ciclista di gioia. Siamo sul finire della primavera e all’inizio dell’estate, quindi è il momento di rispolverare la nostra bicicletta e darle una messa a punto prima di scendere in strada!"


"...One can never have too many beer openers. And besides, why waste broken cogs and chains when they can be converted for performing very important tasks such as opening bottles of beer? The creaters at “treadandpedals” came up with a very clever design to put old parts to great use. This bottle opener can even be converted to a key chain for increased ease of use..."


THE PROJECT - 1 May 2015

BORED PANDA - May 2015

25+ Bike-Inspired Gift Ideas For Bicycle Fanatics

"Whether you're a casual bike lover or a fanatical fixie rider with the calves of a Greek god, these awesome bicycle gift ideas will fill any bike rider with joy."



"It doesn’t matter if you love cycling or not, the products created by Tread and Pedals are dynamic.The brainchild of Ivan Hackel and Emma Dinkgreve from the Dandenongs, it’s a clever idea to recycle and upcycle spare parts from bicycles..."


VICER.RU - Russian Magazine and Blog - May 2015

25 креативных вещей для настоящих вело-фанатов



"Are you a crazy bicycle lover? Is yes, then you have reached the right place because here we have a collection of 15 cool gift ideas that were inspired by bicycles..."


"Em and Ivan, a couple in life and in business turned their passion for cycling and bicycles into a fully fledged enterprise two years ago and haven't stopped since..."


CHITTER 2 CHATTER - April 2015

"As you might have guessed these guys take bits of bikes; wheels, bike chains, inner tubes, cogs, and make them into accessories for men and women; they currently have in their repertoire belts, cufflinks and earrings as well as a range of clocks.  The bike chain cufflinks and feather earrings made from inner tubes would make excellent gifts..."



"Every second person seems to be designing homewares, jewellery and accessories these days. Authentic originality is hard to come by, which is why it is hard to look past Em and Ivan of Tread and Pedals, who craft all of their pieces from old bicycle parts..."



The Unprecedented - Tread & Pedals Spoke Bracelet - Wedding Style


NOW TORONTO - December 2014

"This Tread & Pedals recycled bike wheel clock is the perfect statement piece to distract from your shitty, overpriced bachelor apartment..."


NO AWARD'S - December 2014

"...Tread & Pedals are based in Melbourne and are upcycled bicycle parts jewellery and clocks and things. Awesome cufflinks from chains, bracelets made of spokes (Steph owns three of the latter and loves them)"


ETSY BLOG - December 2014

"... It can be hard to spoil that loved one in our lives who we consider a ‘perfectionist’, so why not buy them something they won’t believe they hadn’t already got for themselves..."


CAN or CAN NOT - December 2014

"Decorate the tree with this festive recycled bicycle chain star ornament..."


LAMONT MAG - November 2014

"... In their upcycling studio and workshop nestled in the Dandenong Ranges, Ivan and Em see bikes in a different way now.  “We look at them as their individual parts rather than as a whole.”  Tread and pedals is all about sustainable design.  They care about the environment and the impact they have on it and they make the most amazing jewellery and accessories from greasy old bike parts..."



QVM - November 2014

"Em and Ivan handcraft up-cycled products using bicycle parts sourced from local bike stores that would otherwise end up in landfill. The Melbourne based creative duo spend their days crafting jewellery, interior and exterior wares, accessories and artworks using upcycled bicycle bits..."



"I haven't ridden a bike in years! But I do love to look at them!! Here's a collection of lovely bicycle inspired creations by Australian designers and makers..."


 1. bike chain cufflinks by tread and pedals
2. bicycle wrapping paper by the paper drawer
3. pillow cover by linnea
4. illustrated tote bag 'biking' by gretel girl draws
5. life is like a bicycle by designer honey
6. wheel reflector by cyclesign
7. upcycled bicycle spoke bangle by tread and pedals
8. MiniRax Bikerax by bikerax



"This creative duo handcraft sustainable design for Him, Her and Home from old bicycle parts. Em and Ivan love taking something like a punctured bike inner tube, a cog or a wonky wheel and turning it into something quirky through crafting it and recycling it in an unexpected way. They had some of their awesome wheel clocks, chain cufflinks and tyre belts on display..."




"Emma Dinkgreve and Ivan Hackel are the creative duo behind Tread and Pedals, a design studio in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges creating handcrafted sustainable wares for him, her and home using upcycled bicycle parts..."



...A former bicycle mechanic, Mr Hackel said he noticed the amount of waste thrown out at bike shops and thought ''there must be something better I could be doing with that''.

He and Ms Dinkgreve now transform worn tyres and oily chains - ''cleaning would be the biggest part of the job'' - into ''sustainable designs for him, her and home''...


Postcards & Getaway, Channel 9 - 2013/2014

CYCLELIKE - March 2014

"It takes all types of skills when it comes to cycling and our mountain of discarded cycles require cycling skills of a different kind, something from the ‘outer-sphere’  the domain of the creative mind(s) a re-cycler! So what is the future for your trusted old bike? Step up Rumplestiltskin to weave that straw into gold or something like that, or was that water to wine? So to satisfy this need I would like to introduce you to …"



"Ivan Hackel and Emma Dinkgreve created Tread & Pedals over a year ago and it's now their full time business. Ivan, who has worked in the bike industry, visits bike shops to collect their used parts and with Emma, turns them into giftware and jewellery..."


ONE FAB DAY - 2013

"If it's style and elegance you're looking for, today's real wedding is the perfect inspiration. Julia and Oscar had very different ideas for their afternoon wedding, but when they put their heads together it turned into a stylish, handmade garden party with a dash of elegant glamour! You'll love the fashion and the décor not to mention the stunning photographs captured by Axel & Berg Photography. Let's take a look..."

Ivan Hachel and Emma Dinkgreve created Tread & Pedals over a year ago and it’s now their full time business. Ivan, who has worked in the bike industry, visits bike shops to collect their used parts and with Emma, turns them into giftware and jewellery. - See more at: FAB DAY - 2013


Ride On Magazine - December 2013



Bespoke Magazine - Summer 2013



GQ Magazine (UK) - December 2013


THE JUNK MAP - December 2013

"...These groovy clocks are handmade from recycled bike parts in the Dandenong Ranges. You can buy online or at various markets around Melbourne. Tread & Pedals also make a range of upcycled jewellery and accessories."


The Age & The Sydney Morning Herald - October 2013


Inside Out Magazine - September 2013



TREADLIE - August 2013

"Tread and Pedals have combined their love of recycling and bikes to come up with a whole range of accesories guaranteed to remind your dad of his bike even when he isn’t on it. Make sure he keeps his pants on with one of these belts, fashioned from recycled bicycle tyres."


WHO'D HAVE THOUGHT - August 2013

"It’s a dream everyone would love to achieve: turning your greatest love into a business. While all the designers, crafters and artists I’ve interviewed are doing just that, Em and Ivan of Tread & Pedals are living and working this dream to the fullest. And it all revolves around the humble bicycle. Not only have they managed to combine four years of working holidays around their love of biking but they have now turned it into a full-time business upcycling bicycle parts into all sorts of things you’d never have imagined a bike part could become. From cufflinks to bottle openers, belts to earrings and all sorts of clocks. It’s amazing what an old clog or bike spoke can turn into! It’s certainly put a new spin on the term bespoke" 


Mulgrave Makers Market Blog - August 2013


RideOn Magazine - June 2013



INCUBE8R Blog - June 2013

"’s through looking at bikes that we find inspiration and knowing all the components that make up a bike. we see the bikes in a different way now; we look at them in their individual parts rather than as a whole. we take things down to the basics – looking at the bike parts as shapes, forms and the materials that make up those parts."


"...taking something like a punctured bike inner tube, a cog or a wonky wheel and turning it into something quirky through crafting it and recycling it in an unexpected way is what they do best! It is truly amazing to see what beautiful things can be made from old bicycles!"


"...I feel compelled to write a little more about these earrings, because they are not actually feathers at all, but handcrafted from a recycled bike inner tube. The clever, cruelty free, vegan feather!..."


BEND AND SNAP - May 2013

 "These handcrafted and up-cycled clocks made from bicycle parts by Tread and Pedals (read more about Em and Ivan the designers here) make me want to lock myself in a room surrounded by their entire range of clocks made from every single conceivable part of a bicycle (from the bicycle cogs, the chains, the wheels, the tubes, the tires) and play Ken Nordine’s What Time Is It? on repeat..."

THE HILLSCENE - March 2013






TREADLIE - January 2013

Treadlie - Tread & Pedals - Riding Time

Cosmopolitan Magazine - December 2012 


 "For: the eco-conscious fashionista. upcycled bracelet, Tread and Pedals"