Vintage Bike Seat Lamp

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This simple yet elegant Vintage Bike Seat Lamp is made from a vintage bike seat, seat post and reclaimed timber. A perfect bedside or table lamp, as this piece will add unique touch of personal style to any space.

Makes the perfect centre piece for any table. For the cyclist, eco minded or lover of industrial design.

All lamps come with an Australian power plug and one 4W LED 12V bulb (400lumen). Bulbs are rated to last for 50,000 hours. With approx 3 hours usage each day, they will last for 30+ years.

This item is a one of a kind and is ready made and ready to ship. 

Dimensions - 

13.5cm wide x 21cm long x 51cm high (including bulb)

5.5inches wide x 8.25inches long x 20 inches high (including bulb)


For piece of mind - Shipped with Tracking and insurance