Teal Cog Desk Clock

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Teal Cog Desk Clock

This clock is handmade from a bicycle cog, with a rich teal upcycled upholstery fabric backing and is finished with black clock hands.

It uses a hand bent bicycle spoke as the stand.

Don't fret the time is easy to tell since each rivet falls on a two hour interval - so you'll always know when it's time for a ride.

It measures 10.5 cm in diameter.
The movement is Quartz made in the USA.
It takes one AA battery - which is not included.
Comes with free standing hardware mounted to the back of the clock.

This clock has been scrubbed clean and polished but remember it's made from a recycled bicycle product so it will come with its own character and charm.

This clock is a brilliant gift for him, her or your home! It will bring joy to the cyclist, eco-minded or the hipster in your life.


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