Bicycle Gear Clock - Shimano

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Bike Gear Wall Clock - Steampunk clock

This Tread & Pedals Clock makes a great gift for cyclists and those who appreciate industrial design.

This Bike Clock measures 13 cm in diameter. 

The movement is Quartz (USA made, quiet and very reliable)
It takes one AA cell battery.
It uses a hand bent bicycle spoke as the stand.

This Bicycle Gear Clock has been scrubbed clean and polished up but remember it is made from recycled bike parts so it will come with its own character and charm.

Each clock will vary slightly from the one pictured , as each clock is made from recycled bicycle parts.

This Tread & Pedals bike clock is the perfect gift for the cyclist. This bike clock is sure to impress and become the talking piece of any space. It will be right at home in the home or office, or the man cave. This Bike Clock comes with a steampunk and industrial vibe but will fit well with any theme and is wonderfully unique time piece.

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