We love bicycles, so much we think they deserve a second life.

Riding bikes since we were kids, upcycling them since 2011.

At Tread & Pedals we design and handcraft sustainable wares for him, her and home using upcycled bicycle parts. Our products are diverse and range from highly polished bicycle chain cufflinks to delicately crafted inner tube jewellery and statement bicycle wheel clocks.

All products are designed and hand made by us, Em and Ivan, in our studio and workshop in the scenic hills about an hours drive from Melbourne. We craft the products using hand tools and are quite old-fashioned in our approach, with the result that each item produced is of the highest quality.

Tread & Pedals was born whilst working at a bike store in inner Melbourne several years ago, as we were amazed at the amount of bicycle parts going straight to the tip. It was shocking to see how much waste was being generated by something we had always considered to be a sustainable form of transport. It was then that we decided to make something from this so-called trash and started looking at bike parts in a whole new way.

We take our inspiration from nature, modern functional design and our passion for all things bicycle. Our love for bicycles is so deep that you will often hear us humming “I want to ride my bicycle” as we work away in the Studio and Workshop.

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Tread & Pedals is an Australian Business

ABN - 77 343 051 009